Our Firm

Miller | Wanner, LLP: Employment LawMILLER|WANNER LLP‘s focus on excellence and efficiency has its roots in the partners’ desire to bring the best of what both large and small law firm practices have to offer to each client relationship.  The partners have decades of experience handling complex business litigation and employment law matters for businesses of all sizes in the financial, insurance, real estate, health care and retail industries. These legal matters have ranged from high-profile, cutting edge litigation to smaller, but equally significant, issues affecting day-to-day business.  Over the course of their diverse careers, the partners developed their shared core values and primary goal:  to assist their clients with achieving their business goals in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Kathrin A. Wanner

Kathrin A. Wanner began her career as a business litigator in New York City after she graduated from Columbia Law School and joined a prominent international law firm in its business litigation division.  After several years of gaining experience litigating cases in state and federal court in New York, she joined another highly regarded national law firm in its main office in Los Angeles.  Over the course of the next fifteen years, she successfully handled a broad range of significant litigation matters for dozens of Fortune 500 clients, including winning multi-million dollar verdicts for her clients.  She further developed an expertise in trade secret, advertising and insurance litigation, and had several roles in firm administration and management.

Kirsten E. Miller

Kirsten E. Miller’s roots began in the labor and employment departments of prominent firms, where she worked with experts in her field.  She worked as a member of legal teams defending complex class action matters brought by hundreds of employees against small and large firms, and involving complex and novel legal issues.  Ms. Miller was able to bring her pre-law school experience as a business owner and as a speaker at educational seminars and chamber events to her representation of her clients.  With this background, she established lasting relationships with a diverse group of clients, from “mom and pop” shops to publicly owned multi-million dollar enterprises.  Small to mid-size employers appreciated her as a lawyer who knew their struggles first hand, while larger employers valued her “real world” experience.  After several years, Ms. Miller transitioned to small firm practice, which afforded her clients the same quality and personal attention at more flexible rates.


Ms. Wanner and Ms. Miller have joined forces to form MILLER|WANNER LLP.  The attorneys represent both “Wall Street” and “Main Street” clients.  They consistently demonstrate the ability, discipline, knowledge, and practical experience to deliver the highest quality legal work to their clients.  They have the sophistication to handle the most complex litigation and the flexibility to do so at manageable rates. Their diverse legal experience, business background, and management experience allows them to quickly understand their clients’ needs and goals.  With that background, the firm develops specific plans to address each unique legal challenge.  And, as the landscape evolves, the firm considers its clients’ potential return on investment at each juncture, reevaluating and offering alternative strategies as they become available.  Their combined experience uniquely positions them to be a partner in each client’s ongoing success, seeing the big picture of each enterprise and its goals, not just the task at hand.