Practice Areas

Business Litigation

Miller Wanner Law: Practice AreasMILLER|WANNER LLP attorneys are skilled business litigators with extensive state and federal court experience, including successful trial experience.   The firm represents its clients in high stakes business litigation matters in a number of areas, including labor and employment, trade secrets, advertising, real estate and finance, insurance defense, and general commercial law.  In the advertising arena, the firm’s lawyers have experience handling Lanham Act false or misleading advertising cases, FTC investigations, NAD proceedings and consumer class actions.  The firm also vigorously defends bad faith insurance and other related claims on behalf of its life, health and disability insurance clients.  Additionally, the firm has experience handling a broad range of real estate matters, including foreclosure proceedings and landlord/tenant disputes.

The firm recognizes that many disputes can be resolved without incurring the time and expense of protracted litigation and trial. The firm regularly advises and represents clients in both formal and informal dispute resolution proceedings, including arbitration, mediation and settlement negotiations.

Family Law

MILLER|WANNER LLP provides consulting and assists with negotiating and, when necessary, litigating, marital dissolution and other family law issues.  The firm’s goal is to help clients reach an amicable resolution of all family law issues whenever possible.  However, the firm is also experienced with taking cases to trial if necessary and will provide strong legal counsel at every step of the way.

Labor & Employment Law

Employment-Law-300x199MILLER|WANNER LLP has a full service labor and employment law practice that handles a broad range of clients’ workplace needs.

Employment Litigation

MILLER|WANNER LLP defends employers in individual and class action law suits alleging claims for wage and hour violations, discrimination, failure to accommodate, harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination, and breach of contract.  The firm also defends and prosecutes employment-related trade secret cases, including disputes relating to non-disclosure agreements and claims for trade secret misappropriation under the Uniform Trade Secret Act and other state and federal laws.

MILLER|WANNER LLP advises and represents employees on a selective basis in contract negotiations on behalf of high level executives and, on occasion, in employment litigation, including trade secret litigation.

Investigations, Counseling and Training

MILLER|WANNER LLP is dedicated to helping its clients improve their organizations, conserve resources and avoid costly litigation whenever possible.  Drawing on their business ownership and law firm administration experience, the firm’s lawyers bring a unique perspective to the challenges that businesses face in managing their employee relationships (including hiring, discipline, and termination of employees) and how to meet those challenges.  The firm conducts workplace investigations, prepares and revises employee handbooks, and assists employers in evaluating their compliance with wage and hour, disability accommodation, and other California and federal employment laws.

MILLER|WANNER LLP also conducts training sessions to assist employers in complying with the California laws requiring workplace training of employees, as well as training which, while not required by law, fosters productive corporate cultures.  The firm offers training in sexual harassment prevention, management skills, disability accommodation, and other employment law matters.  These sessions are customized to proactively address the unique educational and training needs of each client’s workforce.